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Image Scientist Processing

Two of the best features of Images Scientist are the Richardson Lucy and Maximum Entropy deconvolution filters as shown below in these before and after examples of the moon.

Image Scientist also allows you to create color images as shown in the first example .

Although geared to astronomical images, Image Scientist is versatile enough to process other kinds of images as well.

Color Imaging

Image Scientist can create color images using the tri-color method. Each color image is created by taking an image through each of three color filters, red, green, and blue and combining them into one color image.

The image below was created by combining images taken by Arne Henden through B, V, and I filters. The three images were first Median filtered to lower the noise level and then combined into a color image. The color image was then displayed with a gamma mapping of 2.0 to allow both low level and high level detail to be seen.

View of a star field

Richardson Lucy Deconvolution.

With a well sampled image Richardson Lucy deconvolution can bring out a lot of detail hidden in an image. The images below are shown with the default brightness and contrast settings from Image Scientist.


Moonn before processing


Moon after processing