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With Image Scientist you can:

  • Look at, process, or build any size image. You are limited only by your PC's memory.
  • Load and view any number of images loaded simultaneously.
  • Read and write FITS, SBIG, Cookbook, GIF, TIFF (8 and 16 bit), and raw data formats.
  • Automatically detect image file data format.
  • Create and edit tri-color images.
  • Get help on any command or process by using the extensive on-line help or the 95 page manual.
  • Print your images on any graphics printer supported by Windows.
  • Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide an image by another image or by a constant.
  • Stack multiple images with automated alignment.
  • Create mosaics from separate images with automated alignment.
  • Improve image quality with the Maximum Entropy or the Richardson-Lucy deconvolution filters.
  • Crop, condense, expand, flip, or rotate your images.
  • Turn your rectangular pixels into square ones.
  • Clip or individually edit the pixel values.
  • Filter your images using supplied filters like high pass, low pass, Sobel, Gaussian, unsharp mask, and median filters.
  • Create your own filters for special processing.
  • Analyze your images with histograms, profiles, and statistical analysis.
  • Automatically or manually create Point Spread Functions (PSF).
  • Accurately determine star magnitudes with the photometry functions.
  • Accurately determine the Right Ascension and Declination of each object in the image.
  • Create lists of star magnitudes and positions for the entire image.
  • Display images with linear, log, histogram, gamma and gaussian scaling.
  • Display momochrome images with false color palettes.
  • Zoom in and out to any level.
  • Save the image display with false color palette, scaling and zooming intact in GIF or TIFF formats.

To see what Image Scientist looks like in action, visit our examples page.